We use our knowledge to bring value to your organization and work passionately to achieve it.

We specialize in building web applications and products

Proven capability to deliver complex implementations. Strong expertise in Microsoft technologies including MVC and Asp.Net Web forms.

We provide solutions for the cloud platform

Proven capability to deliver complex implementations. Strong consulting expertise in defining Cloud strategy & roadmaps.

We specialize in Mobile application development

Proven capability to deliver complex implementations. Strong expertise in Windows Phone, Windows 8, Android and iPhone.

We build & design apps for the Windows 8/ Windows Phone, Web, iOS and Android

The Valeteck Difference

Valeteck’s most important vision is to offer itself to the foundation of creating quality software and offer world class services to its clients. The primary goal is to increase the competitive position of the clients by implementing state-of-the-art IT solutions backed by full range of professional services. We believe in providing solutions which are not merely catering to the requirements but are adding value to the client’s business. Valeteck aspires to set highest standards of security, process and knowledge infrastructure and to build an image of unfailing reliability amongst its clients.

The Valeteck Way

We understand that with the fast changing world has led to addition of many new aspects to conceptualization, design and development of various solutions. Also, with usage of more and more customer-centric approach, tools and devices, the perception of an IT solution has transformed from a mere tool to an evolving solution. It not only needs to fulfill today’s needs but also need to be ready to incorporate tomorrow’s changes. With the advancement in mobile phone development, web development and application development industries, there is a greater need for us to understand the complete requirements of our clients.

We are firm believer in collaborative work and truly believe that no project, no tool, no solution can be made or used in solitude; at least not in current times. We need to conceptualize, design, develop and roll out solutions collaboratively. Hence, when we start our projects, we do not first discuss on “WHAT”. We discuss on “WHY”.

Who We Are

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Valeteck is a IT solution provider with deep focus on industry & technology expertise. Based in India, since 2008, Valeteck has delivered a number of large-scale tailored software & web-based software development projects, as well as numerous projects of a modest scale. We also deal with application development, Windows 8 development, Windows phone development, website development & related areas.

We have excelled in various methods needed to handle the full spectrum of activities in the development process. One of our major driving forces is the passion we work with, to deliver value based services.

We provide a full spectrum of services viz. Software Development solutions, Web Applications, Web sites, e-Commerce, Mobile & Tablet Apps, Multimedia & Design Solutions.

What We Do

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No matter what your industry is, Valeteck brings the best ROI for your business. We provide a broad spectrum of services to our clients including:

  • Independent IT consulting
  • Building a clear IT roadmap for your success.
  • Successfully implementing your app idea and bringing it to life.
  • Our Specialization – High quality consultation in emerging technologies such as Windows Phone app development, Windows 8 app development and Salesforce.

How We Do It

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We give you an edge by investing early in the latest technologies and project management methodologies.

We, at Valeteck, believe in “why leave any stone unturned” when it comes to provide solutions.

Valeteck delivers value based solutions and a methodology for your success when using today’s most demanding technologies:

  • Managed Solutions
  • Enterprise IT Services
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile app development